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About Your Energy Healing Session

A Healing session always includes clearing, connecting and balancing all of the major chakras. Releasing painful, congested energies and healing work is always committed to the highest good.

Energy therapy uses a scientifically supported technique that complement conventional medical practice as well as other therapeutic treatments. Based on manipulation of the energy fields that surround the body to allow the body to heal it's self.

During a treatment you are fully clothed and the therapist works off the body and may apply gentle pressure on various places. Deep relaxation occurs and access to pain and stress relief and deep healing, become available.

Appointments will last 60 minutes. The practitioner takes some time to talk to you about why you've come and what you expect to have as a result of treatment.

You are then asked to lie on a massage table, clothed and the practitioner does an energetic assessment of your energy system. With hand movements on or off the body, the practitioner proceeds to balance and harmonize your energy system assisting you to self-heal.

After your initial session, you may be able to opt for 30-45 minute follow-up sessions.

More about Reiki Session and about a Crystal Healing Session

Contact by phone, 703 787-5714 or by email to Diane for more information.

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Last updated 3-25-2017
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This is a fabulous way to energetically balance yourself on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. When your energy channels are flowing the way they should be, all levels of your being will be nurtured with new chi energy.

Those with chronic health issues will find these sessions absolutely motivational!

Crystal Reiki healing can leave you feeling sparkling and renewed.
Love and Light,


"I was in deep grief when my father and brother passed away within a short time of each other. Diane's session brought a peaceful calming sensation and I was able to think more clearly."
March 25, 2014
Robyn Strobel, Ambassador Plexus Worldwide