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Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy or Crystal Healing is an ancient natural healing technique which will energetically enhance and balance the Chakras (energy centers).

crystal healing During your therapy session, resonant crystals will be placed on each of your 7 main chakra centers, which will clear and enhance your "Chi" energy system. Energy work is done off the body or with light touch.

Crystals contain energy that will resonate only with certain chakra levels and their use will assist in the process of clear and releasing any negative energy or energy patterns. As a result your energies will be free flowing and balanced. A Crystal Healing will balance and heal the aura, the physical, emotional self and the etherial self. Clients often leave with a renewed sense of well-being, happiness and a sparkle in their eye!

Some clients often report that they have recieved little relief from traditional health care and the Cystal Therapy along with other complimentary holistic approaches, like accupunture, massage, counseling and chiropractic becomes very effective.

I welcome new clients and look forward to helping them to achieve new harmony and well-being in their lives.

More about a Reiki Session

Contact by phone, 703 787-5714 or by email to for more information.

* Ask about 20% discount available for students, unemployed, disabled or otherwise financially challenged.

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Your Session
The regular healing session always includes clearing, connecting and balancing the major chakras. Releasing painful, congested energies and work is always committed to the highest good.


"I have used Diane's services as both a teacher of crystal energy and a client receiving crystal energy. I was in deep grief when my father and brother passed away within a short time of each other. Diane's session brought a peaceful calming sensation and I was able to think more clearly."
  March 25, 2014
  Robyn Strobel, Ambassador Plexus Worldwide