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Crystal Reiki Retreats

Calling in the Moonlight
Oct 15th - 16th, 2016


Calling in the Sunlight
April 23 - 24, 2016

Calling in the Moonlight
Sept 25 & 26, 2015

Retreat Healing Practitioners

Angelic Reiki Master & Teacher

Healing Room in House
$102 /1-Hour Session
12:30 - 3:30 Saturday
9:00am - 3:00pm Sunday

Diane Black
Crystal Reiki Therapist & Instructor

Outdoor Healing Session by Fire Pit
$30 / 15 Minute Session
$50 /30 Minute Session
10:00am-3:00pm Sunday only

maureen McCracken, Healing Touch Instructor
Maureen McCracken,
Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor

Healing Room in House
3:30-6:00 Sat only
$60/ half hour Session

Marcia Childress, Yoga Instructor
Beloved Yoga

Yoga on Sunday
$15 Fee

intuitive wellness center
Gina Maybury and Tara Hoffman
Intuitive Wellness Center

Crystal Therapy
Saturday only

Dante Baker, Dante's Peak Performance
Dante Baker,
Qi Gong Instructor & Massage Therapist

Providing Massage Therapy
3:00 - 6:00pm Saturday
$90 /1 Hour Massage

CD Meditacional-sm.jpg
Eli Ammerman, Sound Healing Practitioner
Lodge Room
Private sessions
Includes an Aura Photo/Report
or my CD as a gift!
30 Min/ Sessions $65

11am - 3:00pm Sunday

  • Book in Advance

    Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
    Chef Bonita Woods, NC, DM, FCCPS is the Executive Director of Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
    Kitchen & Dining Hall
    Saturday and Sunday

  • Calling in the Moonlight: A Healing and Spiritual Retreat
    Hosted by Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Therapy
    Promoting Healing and Teaching in Northern Virgina

    retreatpic-smlr.jpg Saturday and Sunday,
    September 26th & 27th, 2015
    The Land Celebration
    411 Three Oaks Drive
    Gore, VA 22637

    Together we can retreat to renew and uplift our spirits under the full moon. At this mystical gathering place, in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, we can connect with the natural spirit world for guidance.

    We have many free group activities or you can sign up for a Workshop, a Healing Session or Shop with our beautiful vendors!

    See the beautiful facilities at The Land Celebration

  • Book your preferred Workshop or Healing session ahead of time by contacting Fees paid to provider.

    Saturday Schedule

    10:30 - 11:00 Check-in at the Lodge Meeting Room

    11:00am - 12:30 Opening Circle with Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Therapist
    diane-portrait.jpg lodge.jpg Lodge Meeting Room

    Group meditation, "Calling in the Light" Guided Imagery, Selenite Crystal Grid,
    Breathwork and Qi Gong with Dante Baker.
    Meet the Retreat Healers.

    Retreat hosted by Crystal Reiki Therapy

    12:30 - 1:00 Juices and Healthy Snacks
    bonita2.jpg by Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
    Lodge Kitchen

    1:00pm - 3:00pm Qi Gong with Dante Baker, QiGong Instructor, Dante's Peak Performance
    Dante's Peak Performance Held at the outdoor workshop space, behind the House
    Workshop Cost $40

    Come join Dante for Tai Chi ball and Qi gong. Thousands of years ago in China, the art of Tai Chi and Qi gong was developed to exercise the physical body, clear the mind and connect to one's spirit. Tai Chi ball incorporates Tai Chi like movements and help one form an energetic ball . Walking forms will be added during the class to develop one’s core strength and stability. This is an excellent way to exercise the physical body and calm the mind. Everyone is welcome to learn Tai Chi ball; especially those who have minor injuries, are going through physical therapy, have arthritis or joint problems. The movements are slow, gentle and guided by mental concentration, visualization and inner peace. Dante will also teach a variety of Qigong forms that will benefit over-all health and aim at specific areas of the body. The movements serve to strengthen and tone muscles, encourage proper alignment of the skeleton, improve function of the organs, enhance mental acuity and balance the emotions. Breathing techniques and a Tibetan Bowl Meditation is added at the end of the class. This practice is a wonderful way to care for the whole body and is fun to practice with a group of people.
    Dante is certified to teach Tai Chi Ball and Qi gong by Master Nianzu Li. Master Nianzu Li has taught China’s exercise art to thousands in the Washington area since coming to the U.S in 1981.

    1:00pm - 2:00pm The Energy of Food with Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
    bwwi-logo.jpg Workshop Cost $15
    Lodge Kitchen

    Food provides energy for our bodies. It is our fuel. We need it to live, but how do we balance the food we need to eat and the food that we want to eat? How do we know for sure that our meals are actually food as nature intended it? Do you know which foods have nutritional value as well as higher vibration? How you can use your food as a tool for your personal energy management! Leave this workshop with yummy samples and handouts.

    Chef Bonita Woods, NC, DM, FCCPS is the Executive Director of Bonita Woods Wellness Institute in Falls Church, Virginia. You can see more about BWWI and it's programs to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health at

    2:00-3:30 Introduction to Healing Touch with Maureen McCracken, Healing Touch Practitioner & Instructor
    Healing Touch Program Held in the House's Crystal Room
    Workshop Cost $30

    In this workshop, learn to begin bringing the human energy system into balance and receiving this boost to the immune system as your take home . . . and receive it, too! Healing Touch is a modality addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and National Credentialing of Certifying Associations.

    2:00-3:00 Group Sound Healing and Impromptu Music-making
    Firepit Circle
    Enjoy the pure healing tones of Singing Bowls by Dante Baker, then followed by Impromptu Music-making. Open to all inclined! Singers, Drummers, Flutists, Singing Bowls. Bring your instruments! and lets collaborate.

    3:00-3:30 Making Prayer Flags
    Dining Hall
    Flags will be hung in the tree branches and at the Full moon release at 8pm, we will ceremoniously burn in the fire, releasing our blocks to happiness and health.

    3:30-4:00 Tea Time with Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
    Lodge Dining Hall
    Teas, Juices and Healthy Snacks

    4:00-5:30 Angel Play, A Workshop with Nanette, Reiki Master & Teacher
    nanette-logolrger.jpg Held in the House's Crystal Room
    $30 Fee

    Understanding unity and how to connect with your Guides and Angels. Realizing and releasing the blocks that stand between you and your happiness.

    Leave this workshop with a list of your "blockages" to be released, and then bring them to the Full Moon Release Ritual at 8pm.

    6:00-6:30 Cooking Demo with Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
    Lodge Kitchen
    Sampling fee

    6:30-7:30 Dinner
    bwwi logo Lodge Kitchen and Dining Hall
    Potluck; Bring a dish to share or have one Bonita's yummy meals. Meals are available to purchase from Bonita Woods Wellness Institute. Menu to come.

    8:00-10:00 Full Moon Release Ritual with Drum Circle firepit-drumcircle.jpgBonfire at the Fire Pit

    We will honor the full moon, the elements and the spirit guides amoungst us in this wonderful gathering place. As part of our release, we will burn our Prayers flags. Drumming led by Michael Kweku Owusu
    Fire Pit


    More about The Land Celebration
    The Land Celebration offers hiking trails through their 43 acres that lead to many, many special places. To the meditation grottoes, the Prayer Pagoda, streams and ponds. There are 3 Labyrinths, a Phoenix Garden and a Medicine Wheel which are all lined with Stones, Rose Quartz Crystals and Amethyst Crystals.

    For overnight acommodations, they have campsites and outdoor showers for campers ($15). Dormitories ($30) available in our rustic Lodge or in our brand-new luxurious house.

    Retreat Schedule is Subject to Change.

    Sunday Schedule
    Sunrise - 3:00pm

  • Book your preferred Workshop or Healing session ahead of time by contacting

    Events on Sunday

    Check in at the Main Lodge Room

    medicine wheel.jpgSunrise Medicine Wheel Ceremony
    with Nanette, Reiki Master and Teacher
    Medicine Wheel behind the House
    Experience an ancient American Indian ritual conducted in the most beautiful natural setting. Utilizing both the Father Sky and Mother Earth energies. The medicine wheel is a sacred symbol used by the American Indians to represent all knowledge of the universe......

    We will have a sunrise medicine wheel ceremony. Chanting, drumming, rattles, flutes encouraged.

    eli-portrait.jpg 9am - 10:30am Tibetan and Crystal Quartz Singing Bowl Workshop
    with Eli Ammerman
    Singing bowls.jpg Lodge
    Includes hands-on activities
    Fee $45

  • Book in Advance

    beloved yoga10:30am - 12:00 Yoga Class
    Marcia Childress, Yoga teacher
    Beloved Yoga
    Fee $15

    2:00pm - 3:00pm Drumming Circle
    Fire Pit Circle
    Bring your drums and other instruments and join in!

    3:00pm Closing Circle
    Fire Pit Circle

    Healing Practitioners on Sunday

    diane-portrait.jpg10:00am - 3:00pm Crystal Energy Therapy
    with Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Therapist
    Outdoors by Fire Pit
    Experience the uplifting and healing effects of Energy Therapy with Crystals!
    $50 / Half Hour Session
    $100 /1 Hour Session


    nanette-logosm.jpg9am - 3pm Nanette, Reiki Master & Teacher

    $102 /1-Hour Session

    CD Meditacional-sm.jpg11am - 3pm Eli Ammerman, Sound Healing Practitioner
    Lodge Meeting Room
    Private sessions include Live Camera Aura/Chakra Photo with a 22 page Aura report or my 1-hour Chakra Balancing CD "Seven Serenades for the Soul" as a gift.
    30 Min Sessions $65

  • Please book your session in advance. Contact

    Vendors on Sunday

    Live Camera Aura/Chakra Photo with Eli Ammerman *
    Lodge Meeting Room
    Includes a 22 page Aura report.
    **Check with Eli for available times on Sunday afternoon.
    $25 Fee

    nanette-logotiny.jpg9am - 3pm Nanettes' Spiritual Jewelry
    Many exquisite pieces for sale

    8am - 3pm Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
    bwwi-logo.jpg Lodge Kitchen
    Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
    Many healthy food and beverages available for sale. Menu coming soon.

    Handmade Djembe Drums
    Michael Kweku Owusu, Drummer, Musician and Drum maker
    djembe drums

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    Retreat Schedule is Subject to Change.

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  • Our Beautiful Retreat Vendors

    Bonita Woods Wellness InstituteHealthy Foods
    by Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

    intuitive wellness centerCrystals! goDesana Organic Essential Oils.
    Oils for Chakras. Crystal sets for Chakras, Totem Animals and Astrology, Sage & Incense
    by Gina Maybury, Wellness Consultant
    Intuitive Wellness Center

    Spiritual Jewelry by Nanette, Reiki Master

    Handmade Djembe Drums
    Michael Kweku Owusu, Drummer, Musician and Drum maker

    Singing bowls-sm.jpgTibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls

    CD Seven Serenades for the Soul Eli's Meditational Sound Healing CD
    plus other sound healing CDs. $15
    From Eli Ammerman Sunday only

    Healing Crystals Cards
    HC-logo-small.jpgFree pack of Crystal Cards from our Friends at

    If you are interested in becoming a Vendor, please email Diane.

    Join me at Crystal Reiki Therapy on Facebook