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Calling in the Sunlight Retreat Schedule
April 23th & 24th, 2016

Hosted by Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Therapy
Promoting Healing and Teaching in Northern Virgina

Calling in the Sunlight at The Land Celebration
411 Three Oaks Drive
Gore, VA 22637
(By Winchester, Va)

One Day Pass $130
Campers Weekend $285
Dormitory Weekend $395

Eventbrite - Calling in the Sunlight: A Healing and Spiritual Retreat

One Day includes workshops and meals only.

Weekend Tickets include all retreat activities, meals and accommodations. Optional Friday Check-in is available from 6-9pm.

You may book your preferred Healing session ahead of time by contacting Fees paid to provider.

Saturday Schedule 8am - 10pm

8:00-10:00 Check in Lodge's Dining Hall

8:00 -9:30 Breakfast in Dining Hall
Please see Weekend Menu here.


10:00 -11:00 Opening Circle
with Diane Black
Group Introductions and Retreat Orientation
Held in the Lodge

15 Min Break

11:00 Spirit Walk
Bonita Woods will lead us to Mary's Grottoe and guide us on a meditation, "Laying in Mary's Healing Moss"
Meet at the Lodge patio

11:00-11:30 Calling in the Sunlight!!!
with Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher
A Prayer of intention with a very powerful transmission circle with Chanting, Meditation and Crystal and Brass Singing Bowls (Chant: Call in the Sun's Golden Light, Om Hiranyagbarbbaya Namaba)
Held in the Lodge

11:30-12:30 Rediscovering Yourself and Your Joy
with Maureen McCracken, Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor

12:30-2:00 Lunch
Please see Weekend Menu here.

12:30-1:45 Meet the Retreat Healing Practitioners
Meet our practitioners, have a 10 minute healing session ($20) or make an appointment for a private Healing Session. Modalities available are Healing Touch, Reiki, Shamanism, Crystal Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Clairvoyant readings.
Held in the Lodge

2:00-3:30 Connecting to your Higher Self
with Bonita Woods
Bonita will lead you on a Guided Meditation allowing you to experience your own personal journey. This journey is about connecting you with your higher self or the most appropriate resource for you, to receive guidance or support for your current life situations. Bonita will lead you on a guided meditation to meet with your angels and ask them to show you what you look like in their eyes, how you appear when in your true form. We will strip away all ego and false voices! Once you are returned to your true form of love, light and beauty, we will connect with our higher selves to share messages of love and blessings. You can meet with Bonita to walk to the Copper Pyramid together.
Held at the Copper Pyramd

15 Min Break

3:45-4:30 Awakening to Divine Love
with Nanette Davidson
Awaken your conscious mind to a deep spiritual love. Open and balance your heart chakra. Learn the energy exchange that occurs between two partners in a successful relationship. Draw loving relationships to you or improve the ones that already exists in your life. Concrete spiritual practices that encourage unconditional self love.

4:30-5:30 Global Peace Prayer accompanied by Sound Healing with Crystal and Tibetan Bowls.
Prayer for the world to raise to a higher vibration. Discussion on how we can stay at peace while the earth goes through her major shift. Individual prayers can be heard.

5:30-7:00 Dinner
Please see Weekend Menu here.
Dining Hall

7:30 - 9:00 Shamanic Fire Ceremony and Ecstatic Drumming
with Zane Curfman, Shamanic healer, teacher and lecturer
Fire has in all places and times represented transformation and empowerment. This fire ceremony is a great time for removing the hindrances of the past and opening ourselves to the blessings of a new tomorrow.

During the ceremony, don Zane will introduce us to the art of shamanic drumming. Zane will lead us into a deep state of consciousness used as a gateway to Shamanic journeying. In journeying, a person takes a magical flight to learn the cause of illness or conflict, receive guidance from helper spirits, and do personal healing work.

We end the ceremony with Ecstatic Drumming, spirit filled celebration of the exuberance of life! ** Please bring a stick about 2 to 3 feet long, items to burn that represent issues and traumas of the past you are ready to heal and sacred noise makers, drums, rattles, bells, chimes, flutes, whistles and your voice.
Located at the Fire Pit

9:00 -10:00 Night Sky Watch
Casual gathering ( Quiet hour at 10pm)
Lodge Patio

Sunday 9:00am - 4:30pm

8:00-9:30 Breakfast
Please see Weekend Menu here.

9:00-10:00 Medicine Wheel Ceremony
with don Zane Curfman
Experience an ancient American Indian ritual conducted in the most beautiful natural setting. Utilizing both the Father Sky and Mother Earth energies.

The medicine wheel is a crossroads between the sacred and mundane world-representing all knowledge of the universe. In this scared lodge, the spirits, ancestors and powers of nature are housed and honored.

Join us and gather as countless others have for millennia to experience the great mystery, receive vision and to journey.
at the Medicine Wheel behind the House

10:15-10:45 White Light Healing Energy Meditation
with Bonita Woods
Bonita Woods will lead this meditation to infuse our souls with white light healing energy that will nourish our dreams and aspirations with divine blessings. We invite White Shell Woman, White Buffalo Woman, Wind Horse Woman and their sisters of the white light to join us with our meditation. We will tap into the deep and ever abundant Earth Energy to ground ourselves and strengthen our magical connection to Mother Earth.

Then we will wash ourselves with healing white energy and become beacons of light, living conduits that connect us to both Earth and Spirit.

Experiencing the white light healing meditation increases our awareness of ourselves as Light. This unlocks our natural healing capacity and increases our overall well being. This style of meditation is equally good for individuals as for group. It promotes personal, human kind and planetary healing.
at the Prayer Pagoda

15 Min Break

11:00 Spirit Walk
Join Diane Black in a walk to the Labyrinth.
Meet at the Lodge patio

11:00-12:30 Your Future Path Illuminated by the Angels
with Nanette Davidson
Find your inner courage. Take the temperature of your life and learn concrete steps to creating balance. Get rid of blocks and move into the direction divine harmony. This is done through reflection, transformative sharing and deep meditation techniques to connect with your angelic guidance.

12:30-2:00 Lunch
Please see Weekend Menu here.

1:00 Spirit Walk
Join our esteemed Shaman Priest, don Zane Curfman in a walk as he guides us to a deeper connection to nature and spirit! Meet at the Lodge patio.

1:30-2:30 The Breathe of Life (Rebirthing)
with don Zane Curfman
The Andean art of "Hamutay" or Sacred Breathing is one of the most valuable tools used by Peruvian Shamans to clear physical, mental and emotional debris - thereby allowing for a smooth transition into non ordinary states of consciousness. Shaman don Zane Curfman will help us explore the hidden benefits of expanded awareness, healing and creativity contained in this powerful experience.

You will learn how to clear and center yourself before doing spiritual work, discover and break old patterns in your life that no longer serve you, strengthen your intuition and much much more! New inspiration, guidance and even deep ecstatic states await us, just a breath away!
The Tree of Life

2:45-3:30 Satsung
At the Closing Circle, we will break out into small group discussions led by the Retreat leaders. Topics to include; What were your experiences and realizations? How to apply this experience in your life and stay the course.
Closing Song ... May The Long Time Sun Shine Upon You, All Love Surround You, And The Pure Light Within You, Guide Your Way On.

3:30 -4:30 Woven Green Concert - Music to Empower and Entertain
Woven Green is the musical vision of husband and wife team, Jim and Ashley Cash. The couple has been actively performing their unique blend of contemporary folk, world, and new age music throughout the regional area for more than 10 years.

They are known for their uplifting and inspiring songs, their sound healing meditations, and for their leadership as award-winning visionary musicians.

Whether through sound, song, or poetry, Woven Green invites listeners to embark upon the mythic journey towards inner alchemy, helping to awaken sacred connection with the earth, cosmos, and the unified source within us all. They are committed to their efforts to build a community that supports unity, diversity, and wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

See the [ Woven Green Bio and Music Video ] here.

Spirit Walks are offered twice daily to the sacred spaces, at approximately 11am and 1pm. We will meet at the Lodge patio and for those who have trouble walking, there is a motorized cart to take us down the trails.

Calling in the Sunlight at The Land Celebration
411 Three Oaks Drive
Gore, VA 22637
(By Winchester, Va)

One Day Pass $130Includes Workshops and Meals only.
Campers Weekend Ticket $285*
Dormitory Weekend Ticket $395*
* Weekend Tickets include all retreat activities, meals and accommodations.
Optional Friday Check-in is available from 6-9pm

Campers! Camping is permitted anywhere on the 40 acres of property. However some campers will enjoy the convienence of camping on the front lawn of the Lodge and next to the Outdoor Bathhouse and Lake.

Other Campers can opt for a private spot along the many trails and grottoes. Quiet hours are 10pm - 8am. Fires are only permitted in designated areas.

Eventbrite - Calling in the Sunlight: A Healing and Spiritual Retreat

Please Book your preferred Healing session ahead of time by contacting Fees paid to provider.

* Terms & Conditions Retreat Schedule is Subject to Change and the Retreat Center is accessible. Participation is at your own risk and is intended for adults from 18yrs -100yrs old. No refunds.

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Bonita Woods Wellness Institute
Bonita Woods, Founder,
Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

provides us with a high vibrational, vegetarian menu.

Meals are lovingly prepared by world acclaimed Chef Bonita Woods. Bonita's passion for combining high energy food with fine dining styling has made her the chef in demand!

See Weekend Menu here

Our Beautiful Retreat Vendors

Crystal Creations
by Diane Black

Inka Mountain Magic
Book by don Zane Curfman

Upcoming Breathwork CD
by don Zane Curfman

Vendors: If you are interested in becoming a Vendor, please email

Comments from the Calling in the Moonlight Retreat

On a rainy weekend - "We did it, we actually called in the moon and it arrived!"

"This was life-changing"

"I took a lot away with me."

"I made many wonderful connections."

"Thank you for providing a safe space to release in."

"I really did.. relax and renew"

"It was great and loving to be at the place with good spirit. Thank you for inviting me."