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Spiritual and Healing Retreats
Hosted by Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Therapy
Promoting Healing and Teaching in Northern Virgina

Our Retreats are designed to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, healing and to reach higher vibration through various modalities; ie. QiGong, Yoga, Group Meditation and Chanting, Sound healing, Crystal Reiki, Readings, Ritual and Drumming Circles.

Together, we can retreat to release, renew and uplift our spirits on the sacred ground of The Land Celebration in Gore, Virgina.

Let's meet at this mystical gathering place, in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and explore the many sacred places there.

On a rainy weekend ... "We did it! We actually called in the Moon and it arrived!"

Calling in the Moonlight - Fall 2015

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Retreat Comments

On a rainy weekend, "We did it, we actually called in the moon and it arrived!"

"This was life-changing"

"I took a lot away with me."

"I made many wonderful connections."

"Thank you for providing a safe space to release in."

"I really did.. relax and renew"

"It was great and loving to be at the place with good spirit. Thank you for inviting me."