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Woven Green
Jim and Ashley Cash, Singer Songwriter Sound Healer Duo.

Jim Cash
Jim cash is a visionary musician, songwriter, poet, inspirational speaker, and sound healer. He has an extensive catalogue of original songs that he has been writing for more than 18 years and is a strikingly versatile and accomplished multi-instrumentalist. His compositions feature contemporary fingerstyle acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric lead guitar, fretless bass guitar, loop stations, keyboards, and native flutes.

As a songwriter and poet, Jim draws his inspiration from the natural world and from his own spiritual call to serve as a way shower for the acceleration and elevation of human consciousness. His works emerge as a beacon of light, illuminating a path of spirit, hope, and the limitless potential of the human experience. Awakening the highest and most authentic expression of love and joy, and communing with the healing power of nature, are some of the themes woven into Jim's compositions and inspirational speeches.

As a Sound Healer, Jim opens himself to allow healing frequencies and energies to flow freely and powerfully. His flute playing has been reported to lull listeners into deep meditative states, to inspire potent inner visions, and to promote an overall sense of wellness. Jim's guitar playing has a similar effect, creating dreamlike states of both earthly and celestial tones and melodies.

Ashley Cash
Ashley Cash is a singer, sound healer, musician, and artist. She is gifted with a crystalline vocal tone and has cultivated vocal precision that allows her to sing and tone in many different styles. She sings angelic soprano with the same ease and grace as sultry alto folk-style vocals. Whether transmitting the message of Jim's poetry, or in service as a channel for healing energies, Ashley's voice has a way of resonating directly with the heart.

After receiving a powerful vision, Ashley felt called into further studies on sound healing, and in particular the power of sound to transform consciousness. Ashley uses vocal toning, chanting, binaural beats, pure tone sound wave frequencies, and shamanic drumming to align with and transmit the power of the Divine Feminine receptive, healing energy. Ashley also plays several instruments including guitar, keyboard, quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, wind gong, and world percussion.

Woven Green Music

* Terms & Conditions Retreat Schedule is Subject to Change. Participation is at your own risk and is intended for adults from 18yrs -100yrs old. No refunds.

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Woven Green

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