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Calling in the Moonlight: A Spiritual and Healing Retreat
Produced by Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Therapy
Promoting Healing and Teaching in Northern Virgina

Save the Date! Oct 15 - 16, 2016 at The Land Celebration
411 Three Oaks Drive
Gore, VA 22637
(Just West of Winchester, Va.)

The Release and Awakening

The Retreat program is called "The Release and Awakening" and is designed to support you in all that you would want to release from your life and then raise you up into your highest vibration and consciousness. where we all find peace, harmony, love and unity.

To highlight some of our powerful workshops and events you can look forward to .

  • Spiral Meditation & Gentle Yoga
  • Sharing Circles
  • Full Moon Release Ritual & Fire Drumming
  • Self-Healing Technique
  • Crystal Talk
  • Sound and Light Immersion!
  • Concert
  • A Fireside Talk with the Native Flute
  • Monday Mornings Healing sessions .
  • and more!

Tickets will be on sale August 2nd!

The Land Celebration offers hiking trails through their 43 acres that lead to many sacred grottoes like meditation grottoes, the Prayer Pagoda, 3 Labyrinths, the Copper Pyramid, Phoenix Garden and Medicine Wheel which are lined with Stones, Rose Quartz Crystals and Amethyst. The natural energies at The Land Celebration are awesome to experience. Overnight accommodations include Camping and Dormitories.

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