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The Mission of the Circle of Light

The Circle of Light is committed to facilitating the ongoing expansion of human consciousness through spiritual growth and healing.

Our intention is to release all that no longer serves us; through meditation, guided imagery, an energy healing share, discussion and drumming. Participants will enjoy presentations from various speakers and together we honor the seasons, nature and the universe.

Bring your drum and any other instruments to join in the Drumming Circle. If you have extras, please bring them along. We welcome flutes, bells, shakers, didgeridoos, guitars, actually, any instrument is welcome, including your voice.

The Healing Share is open to energy healing practitioners and to anyone that wishes to have a healing session. Questions? Please contact

We meet monthly in the Sanctuary of the Unitarian Universal Church of Reston. With good weather, we can drum outside by the Church woods.

2 Ways to sign up for email meeting notifications,
1 - Send an email to with a request
2 - Join the Meetup at Reston/Herndon Drum Meetup .

This program is part of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Reston's Faith Development Program and part of the donations are given to the UUCR.

Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Therapy and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Reston

Testimonials from Circle Attendees

"So much energy!!"

"Today's healing session was informative and beneficial. I had some wonderful healing performed on me."

Intuition led me to this meeting, it became an enlightening experience, in this life we all are students and teachers at the same time and drumming under the tree awaked a fine energy around us, Thank you all!

I'm still feeling the effects of my wonderful healing session.

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In the Sanctuary at the UUCR