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Level 2: Crystal Reiki Intermediate Program

How to Connect With Angels and Guides - Class L2-1
Taught by Diane Black, Instructor Angel stories. History of angels.
How to Connect to Your Angels & Guides
The Angelic crystals and "the 12 Synergy Stones"
Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Advanced Crystal Reiki - Class L2-2
Taught by Diane Black, Instructor Reiki 2nd Degree training and Attunement
Advanced Crystal Grids
Programming Crystals
New Crystal healing layouts

Hands-on Practice Session - Class L2-3
Taught by Diane Black, Instructor Conduct crystal reiki sessions with documentation. Review of healing sessions. How to start your professional practice.
Certificate of Completion

3 Classes $825 Total

Payment Options: Check and cash.
Please mail check payments 2 weeks before the class starts or cash at the door.

Single Class tuition is $275 ($825)
Pay in full Option: $750

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Reading List

Hands of Light; A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field
by Barbara Ann Brennan

Light Emerging
by Barbara Brennan

Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies
by Sue and Simon Lilly

Wheels of Light: A study of the Chakras
by Rosalyn L. Bruyere

All should be available on Amazon.

For further reading;

Gray's Coloring Anatomy Book
by Henry Gray

Wising Well: Making Your Every Wish Come True by Paul Pearsall

The Power of Intention
by Dr. Wayne Dwyer

How to See and Read The Auras
by Ted Andrews

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
by Depak Chopra