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Crystal Reiki Healing Services

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki
Crystal Therapy
Healing Touch
Guided Imagery
Sound Healing with Crystal & Tibetan Brass Bowls
Distant Healing
Learn Self Healing, Meditation & Breath work
Home Visits in the Northern Va Area
Home/Office/Land Energy Clearing

Your Healing Session is 1 hour long which includes time to discuss your healing goals. Follow up session can be 45 minutes. Some of the most common reasons for a Reiki Session is stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, abuse and pain. Although a Reiki treatment is useful for when, you just want to feel good and be at your best.

See below for more information on our services and our special packages for Stress Busting, Vibrational Healing and Spiritual Attunement.

Vibrational Healing Package
Choose this package for when deep cleansing is needed. Chakra Crystal Placements, Guided imagery, Crystal Aura Mist, Aromatherapy and Sound Healing with Singing Crystal and Tibetan Brass Bowls. 75 minute session.

Stress Busting Package
Guided imagery with your session. Learn Self-Healing techniques, Meditation and Breathwork. Take home stress relieving Crystals and Crystal Aura Sprays. A 90 minute session.

Spiritual Attunement Package .
For Spiritual seekers that wish to raise their frequency and increase their psychic awareness. Alignment of Chakras including the 5 Higher Chakras, Crystal placements and other Vibrational techniques will be used. Your Angels will be called in to guide you. A 90 minute session.

Home/Office/Land Energy Clearing Consultant
The earth is threaded with energy lines which have a powerful influence on living things. This invisible earth energy passes through all matter, affecting every living system on the planet in either a positive or negative way. If you have issues or struggles that just won't go away, it might your energetic enviroment that is attracting them. Using Dowsing or Divining Rods, any negative energy lines or vortexes are quickly found and dissipated with the copper rod technique.

Distant Healing
Send full name, your location and full photo along with your healing request. A 30 minute session sent anywhere in the world.

For more information, contact Diane by phone, 703 787-5714 or by email to

* Ask about discount for students, unemployed, disabled or otherwise financially challenged.

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"I became so relaxed, I felt like I was suspended over the healing table. Afterwards, I had an overall feeling lightness."
Anonymous, January 2017

"We both really appreciate the guidance and peace that you gave us."
Anonymous, February 2017

After suffering with racing thoughts and emotions, "My mind went completely still!!"
Anonymous, January 2017

My house has been on the market for over a year and there's no interest but suspect there's bad energy. Diane came and investigated with Dowsing rods and set copper cures to the negative lines. Within a week, we had a buyer!
Anonymous, November 2016

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