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Crystal Reiki Master Certification Program

Classes start in April 2019.

Crystal Reiki 1

Energy Within And Without Ourselves, Class CR#1-1
Meditation, Self Healing And Other Spiritual Practices
The Universal Energy Field
Energy Sensory Experiments - Hand Scan At The Table
How to See The Aura
Our Energy System Of Channels; Chakras, Nadis
About Reiki Energy and How it Works
Sensing And Identifying Crystals - Id Homework
Hands on Healing Practice: Hand scan

Crystal Reiki 1st Degree, Class CR# 1-2

Review Meditation, Self Healing And Other Spiritual Practices
Chakra Properties
Crystals And Chakras
Healer Preparation & Spiritual Healing Laws & Ethics
Creating A Healing Space & Client Intake
Scanning The Energy For Blockages with Pendulum
Hand Positions, Crystal Placement, Chakra Connection & Balancing
Hands On Practice Session
Crystal Reiki 1st Degree Certificate of Completion

Homework: 25 Documented Healing Sessions due at the end of Crytal Reiki 3. Sensing Crystal Energy, Crystal Identification Homework and Reading list.

Crystal Reiki 2

Vibrational Healing, Class CR #2-1
Various Forms of Healing Vibrations & Frequencies
The Power Of Intention
Making And Using Crystal Waters
Crystal Grids For Chakra Or Room. Programming Crystals
Practice Session Using Vibrational Methods

Developing Psychic Senses To Connect With Angels & Guides, Class CR #2-2
Angel Stories. History Of Angels
How To Call Your Angels & Guides Into Your Healing
Developing Your Psychic Abilities, Psychic Surgery
The Angelic And Psychic Crystals
Advanced Crystal Grids And Sacred Shapes
Hands-on Practice Session

Crystal Reiki 2nd Degree, Class CR#2-3
2nd Degree Reiki Symbols
The Back Chakras Distance Healing
More Crystals & Layouts
Creating Your Crystal Kit
Review Crystal Id Homework & Documented Practice Sessions
Hands-on Practice Session
Reiki 2nd Degree Attunement
Crystal Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate of Completion

Crystal Reiki 3

Master Class, CR#3-1
Review Of Reiki Symbols
Reiki Master Symbol
The Upper Chakras With Hand Scan
More Crystals & Healing Techniques
Preparation For Independent Practice; Insurance, Licenses, Website, Marketing
Developing A Continuing Care Treatment Plan
Code Of Ethics, Safety And Treatment Standards
Hands On Practice
Master Attunement

Final Meeting & Celebration, R#3-2
(Note: This is a 3hr Meeting - $100)
Review And Discussion Of Independent Practice Sessions. How Were Your Results? Questions?
Supervised Crystal Reiki Sessions With Instructor Feedback
Graduation Celebration
Crystal Reiki 3rd Degree Master Certificate of Completion

$225 Per class - Full Program cost $1,450

Payment Options: Check and cash. Please mail check payments and Registration form 2 weeks before the class starts.

Register, Right-Click and Download the Adobe PDF. Registration Form

NOTE: Please ask about the tuition discount for Students, Retired and Disabled (Must Show ID)

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Classes held at Healing Crystals Showroom & Wellness Center
44330 Mercure Circle, Entrance 3, #240E, Dulles, Virginia
Saturday class from 10am - 5pm

For more information or to register
Call 703 787-5714 or email to

Student Testimonials

"This is an awesome course for someone who wants to practice Crystal Therapy. Your techniques are very effective and my internship clents love the results.

You have opened up a world of new opportunities for me and my clients are benefiting immensely from this course."

"Diane is one of the best Reiki/Crystal Reiki teacher and healer. I am lucky to find her as my Reiki teacher. Thank you!"

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