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Certification Courses

2 Courses of Study: Usui Reiki and Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki Course
Energy Within And Without Ourselves
Crystal Reiki 1st Degree
Vibrational Healing
Developing Psychic Senses To Connect With Angels & Guides
Crystal Reiki 2nd Degree
Master Class
Final Meeting and Graduation

On completion you will be certified as a Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher.
See the full syllabus at Crystal Reiki Course

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Course
1st Degree Class
2nd Degree Class
3rd Degree Master Class

On completion you will be certified as a Reiki Master and Teacher.
See the full syllabus at Reiki Course

Custom Training

Have you completed some training but not all, we will customize your classes to fit your needs.

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Class Locations

Classes held Healing Crystals Wellness Center in Dulles, Va and at Reston Healing Studio.

About the Instructor
Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Master

For more information, call 703 787-5714 /

Student Testimonials

"Diane is one of the best Reiki/Crystal Reiki teacher and healer. I am lucky to find her as my Reiki teacher. Thank you!" - Berna

"This is an awesome course for someone who wants to practice Crystal Therapy. Your techniques are very effective and my internship clents love the results.
You have opened up a world of new opportunities for me and my clients are benefiting immensely from this course." - Ellen

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