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Testimonials from Circle Attendees

Nov. 15, 2014
"So much energy!!"

"Today's healing session was informative and beneficial. I had some wonderful healing performed on me."

Intuition led me to this meeting, it became an enlightening experience, in this life we all are students and teachers at the same time and drumming under the tree awaked a fine energy around us, Thank you all!

Fun, magical energy! Thanks for putting this together.
January 2017

Circle of Light: An Exploration in Spiritual Growth and Healing

Circle of Light Drumming, Heart Meditation & Healing Share
with Diane Black

Saturday, Feb 3rd, 1-4pm
Meeting in the Sanctuary
Unitarian Universalist Church of Reston,
1625 Wiehle Ave.
Reston, VA 20190

Join us for a Drum circle led by Daniel Greenberg, Drum Instructor. Our Drmming lifts the spirit, unites us and grounds us all time! Such fun! Bring your drum or borrow one of ours. Beginners are welcome.

Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Master, will lead a Heart Meditation. Opening the heart chakra to love of others and self. Unconditional love and unity consciousness. Accompanied with Crystal Singing Bowls.

Afterwards, you are are welcome to stay on for the Healing Share. Receive a free energy healing session in Reiki, Healing Touch and more! Find relief and release of stress, depression, pain and grief on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Sessions are first come, first served and will be at least 20 minutes long depending on the number of requests. All Healing practitioners are welcome to come and share their gifts.

Suggested donation $15

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Photo Gallery

The Peace Warriors

Drum Circle with The Peace Warriors

Drum Circle led by Daniel Greenberg

Maureen McCracken, Healing Touch Practitioner

Drum Circle led by Daniel Greenberg

Energy Healing Share in the Sanctuary

Diane Black, Crystal Reiki Practitioner

Bob Sima, Transformational Singer, Songwriter

Drumming with Bob


Performance by Woven Green