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Year in Review 2016

Facilitating the Circle of Light has been a joy and a blessing! We have met monthly since April 2013 and have enjoyed some very special visitors like ...

Carlos Guiterriez, International Reiki Master and Author, who talked with us about living a Reiki Lifestyle.

A beautiful Sound healing and an uplifting Concert by Woven Green.

Ani Rinchen, from the Kunzang Paylul Choling Buddhist Temple taught us a breath work technique to release negativity and guided our group meditation. We also had another Sound healing by Ana Medina, UUCR's ex-music teacher.

Most recently, Monica Wirtanen, Reston Healing Center, guided us in Kundalini Yoga with a Gong. It has indeed been a fabulous experience!

The healing share has become popular and is a time when those who wish to have an energy healing can, free of charge. Healers of different modalities are welcome to come and share their healing skills in our beautiful Sanctuary. It's a time of sharing and healing.

Drumming is an integral part of our program and many drummers enjoy the release that it provides. The rhythms we create builds a very cohesive group. A group meditation follows the drumming and as a group we connect our energies into a circle and then, send our love and light out to wherever it is most needed. And this ... is the Circle of Light!

Come and join our monthly meetings. We always have a great time!

Spiritual and Healing Retreats in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains!
Most recently, I have started a Retreat program at the Land Celebration this year and due to public demand, I am hosting more! The next one is in the Spring on April 23 & 24 and again in the Fall, on October 15 & 16.

The Land Celebration is located close to Winchester, Va and is a beautiful, sacred space in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains which features a powerful Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel and many more sacred spaces and trails to explore. Camping or Dormitories are available. See the beautiful facilities at The Land Celebration.

Blessings to you and your family in 2016.

Diane Black,
Circle of Light Facilitator

Testimonials from Circle Attendees

"So much energy!!"

"Today's healing session was informative and beneficial. I had some wonderful healing performed on me."

Intuition led me to this meeting, it became an enlightening experience, in this life we all are students and teachers at the same time and drumming under the tree awaked a fine energy around us, Thank you all!

I'm still feeling the effects of my wonderful healing session.

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