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Diane's Personal Story About Crystal Reiki Therapy

"In many ways, I feel that I owe my life to Crystal Reiki/Energy healing".

diane with cancer and lyme Diane was close to death's door when she was struck by the healing effect of Crystal healing. You see, when previously closed chakras are opened, amazing things can happen.

"Before this, I was just like you... working non-stop and running a web development business called Eloquent Design, LLC. Basically unaware of the unseen universal energy field that runs through all life… until BAM!"

It was 2004 when Diane was diagnosed with Cancer and Lyme disease at the same time. What she found out was that routine Crystal energy sessions provided a pathway to recovery on spiritual, emotional and physical levels. diane

Her first experience with a Crystal session was so powerful that it drove her to learn all that she could about the process, so she could then provide the same healing experience for others. She has studied Usui Reiki, Healing Touch, Crystal Therapy and is now certified to teach.

Today, Diane loves to provide opportunities for others to learn and heal through her Healing sessions, Workshops, Circle of Light Drumming, Energy / Reiki Healing Shares and Classes.

Crystal Reiki Therapy is dedicated to promoting Energy Healing via teaching, healing and sharing!

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